Once an insurance policy is connected through an Ignition session, Axle can monitor that policy for updates. These updates will trigger events that are sent from Axle to your systems via webhook or to your organization via communication channels such as email.

Policy events are only sent for insurance policies connected through Axle Ignition sessions that are configured with monitoring enabled. Please contact the Axle team if you would like to enable this feature!


You must specify a webhookUri when generating an Ignition token to receive webhook events. See Start Ignition for more details.

A POST request will be sent to the webhookUri with the following body. All events will include client, ref (Policy object identifier), user (optionally specified when generating Ignition token), and metadata (optionally specified when generating Ignition token).

Example webhook request body
  "id": "<event_id>",
  "type": "policy.modified",
  "data": {
    "client": "<client-id>",
    "ref": "pol_Z4ni-JHBvkn9PlKJHPEwk",
    "user": {},
    "metadata": {},
    ...{ parameters }
  "createdAt": "2022-10-05T14:48:00.000Z"


When elements on the insurance policy are updated (see Policy for more details).

Additional data parameters (example)
  "changes": [
      "type": "UPDATE",
      "key": "isActive",
      "value": false,
      "oldValue": true